Align and augment your property tax records with normalized data from assessors and collectors.


Automatically receive property tax assessments, rates, and bills electronically. Eliminate manual entry and ensure accuracy.


Analyze your property tax assessments and liabilities compared to those of other properties and taxpayers across multiple attributes.

No matter the industry, if you're looking to improve your property tax processes, PTX has the solution.

Commercial & Retail

Retailers, restaurants, hotels, banks, and other commercial property owners must manage property taxes across multiple jurisdictions, each with their own timelines, classifications, and assessing methodologies.

With TaxFeed and Tax Sync from PTX, you receive the tax assessments and tax bills you need to ensure compliance. And PTX's TaxView provides you with the property-specific data you need for analysis, benchmarking, and value comparisons to ensure your properties are fairly assessed.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing and industrial companies must manage property taxes across multiple locations having substantial investment in land and structures as well as in machinery and equipment.

Recognizing the significance of both real and personal property to manufacturing and industrial companies, PTX created TaxFeed and TaxSync to ensure you receive exactly the data you need about your property taxes in order to ensure compliance and manage your tax liability.

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Oil & Gas

From refineries to pipelines to wells, oil & gas companies manage property tax portfolios consisting of different property types - real, personal, and mineral - with different characteristics, requirements, and schedules.

Not only do PTX's TaxFeed and TaxSync products include full assessment and tax rolls encompassing all of these property types, they also provide additional data relevant to oil & gas companies including interest owners, operators, interest types, and division orders.

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Utility, Telecom, & Railroad

With property tax portfolios consisting of a combination of state and locally assessed property, these industries - electric & gas, water, telecom, railroad - are subject to various timing, reporting, and valuation complexities.

PTX understands the complexities these industries face, and we have designed our TaxFeed and TaxSync products to ensure they capture all assessment and tax data - state and local, real and personal, unitary and situs - accurately and timely.

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Real Estate

Agricultural or timber land, residential or commercial, effectively managing property taxes for real property requires detailed property attributes, classification validation, and access to comparables.

PTX's TaxSync allows you to verify your property attributes against those maintained by assessors, while TaxFeed provides your assessments and tax bills in a timely manner to ensure tax minimization and compliance. Further, TaxView allows for comparison and benchmarking of your property to other similar properties across different metrics and attributes.

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Managing the property taxes for multiple clients over a large number of jurisdictions and property types requires detailed property information, actionable data to support tax reduction efforts, and efficient processing.

Use PTX's TaxSync to verify ownership, assign jurisdictions, and supplement your clients' data. TaxFeed facilitates quick and efficient processing of assessment notices and bills, allowing you more time to focus on tax reduction efforts. And, TaxView gives you details of all properties in the jurisdictions you care about for benchmarking, comparisons, and marketing.

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