Date changes for the state of Florida. Updates are in reverse chronological order, with the latest changes first.

September 16, 2019

Data TypeEntityProperty TypesEst. Mail DateDue Date
Asmt Roll – PrelimHolmes CountyAll8/21/20199/15/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimFranklin CountyAll8/16/20199/16/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimGlades CountyAll8/22/20199/16/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimHardee CountyAll8/26/20199/16/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimLafayette CountyAll8/20/20199/16/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimOkeechobee CountyAll8/22/20199/16/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimOkeechobee CountyPersonal8/22/20199/16/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimSuwannee CountyAll8/26/20199/16/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimTaylor CountyAll8/20/20199/16/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimJackson CountyAll8/23/20199/17/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimLiberty CountyAll8/24/20199/17/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimMiami-Dade CountyPersonal8/23/20199/17/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimMiami-Dade CountyReal8/23/20199/17/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimSumter CountyAll8/22/20199/17/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimUnion CountyAll8/23/20199/17/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimBroward CountyAll7/19/20199/18/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimHendry CountyAll8/22/20199/18/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimOrange CountyAll8/15/20199/18/2019