Date changes for the state of Illinois. Updates are in reverse chronological order, with the latest changes first.

October 15, 2019

Data TypeEntityProperty TypesEst. Mail DateDue Date
Tax Roll – FinalRandolph CountyAll7/1/201910/21/2019
Tax Roll – FinalEdwards CountyAll10/1/201910/30/2019

October 1, 2019

Data TypeEntityProperty TypesEst. Mail DateDue Date
Asmt Roll – PrelimHenry CountyAll9/2/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimSchuyler CountyAll9/4/201910/4/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimVermilion CountyAll9/6/201910/15/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimWhiteside CountyAll9/10/201910/10/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimKendall CountyAll9/11/201910/15/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimRock Island CountyAll9/14/201910/15/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimSaline CountyAll9/16/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimChristian CountyAll9/25/201910/25/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimMercer CountyAll9/25/201910/25/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimBond CountyAll9/30/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimKankakee CountyAll9/30/201910/15/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimOgle CountyAll10/1/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimMcLean CountyAll10/7/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimColes CountyAll10/15/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimStephenson CountyAll10/28/2019
Tax Roll – FinalBrown CountyAll9/1/2019
Tax Roll – FinalHamilton CountyAll9/1/2019
Tax Roll – FinalHardin CountyAll9/1/2019
Tax Roll – FinalJackson CountyAll9/1/2019
Tax Roll – FinalSaline CountyAll9/1/201910/3/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWabash CountyAll9/1/2019
Tax Roll – FinalCalhoun CountyAll9/9/2019
Tax Roll – FinalScott CountyAll9/23/20199/26/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLawrence CountyAll9/30/201910/11/2019
Tax Roll – FinalAlexander CountyAll10/1/2019
Tax Roll – FinalEdwards CountyAll10/1/201910/30/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWhite CountyAll10/15/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWayne CountyAll10/21/2019

September 15, 2019

Data TypeEntityProperty TypesEst. Mail DateDue Date
Asmt Roll – PrelimWinnebago CountyAll8/13/20199/16/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimPeoria CountyAll8/19/20199/30/2019
Tax Roll – FinalSaline CountyAll9/1/201910/3/2019
Tax Roll – FinalPope CountyAll7/1/201910/4/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWashington CountyAll8/1/201910/7/2019
Asmt Roll – PrelimWhiteside CountyAll9/10/201910/10/2019

September 1, 2019

StateData TypeEntityProperty TypesEst. Mail Date
IllinoisTax Roll – FinalAlexander CountyAll9/1/2019
IllinoisTax Roll – FinalBrown CountyAll9/1/2019
IllinoisTax Roll – FinalEdwards CountyAll9/30/2019
IllinoisTax Roll – FinalHamilton CountyAll9/1/2019
IllinoisTax Roll – FinalHardin CountyAll9/1/2019
IllinoisTax Roll – FinalJackson CountyAll9/1/2019
IllinoisTax Roll – FinalLawrence CountyAll9/30/2019
IllinoisTax Roll – FinalPulaski CountyAll9/30/2019
IllinoisTax Roll – FinalSaline CountyAll9/1/2019
IllinoisTax Roll – FinalWabash CountyAll9/1/2019
IllinoisTax Roll – FinalWayne CountyAll9/20/2019