Date changes for the state of Kansas. Updates are in reverse chronological order, with the latest changes first.

December 15, 2019

Data TypeEntityProperty TypesEst. Mail DateDue Date
Tax Roll – FinalAllen CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalAllen CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalAnderson CountyAll11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalAnderson CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalAtchison CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalBarber CountyAll11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalBarber CountyState Assessed12/4/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalBarton CountyAll11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalBarton CountyState Assessed12/4/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalBourbon CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalBourbon CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalBrown CountyAll12/3/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalButler CountyAll12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalButler CountyState Assessed12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalChase CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalChase CountyState Assessed12/10/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalChautauqua CountyAll11/20/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalChautauqua CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalCherokee CountyAll12/4/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalCherokee CountyState Assessed12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalCheyenne CountyAll11/26/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalClark CountyAll11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalClark CountyState Assessed12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalClay CountyAll12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalClay CountyState Assessed12/10/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalCloud CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalCoffey CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalCoffey CountyState Assessed11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalComanche CountyAll11/15/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalCowley CountyAll11/13/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalCrawford CountyAll11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalDecatur CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalDickinson CountyAll11/19/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalDickinson CountyState Assessed12/4/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalDoniphan CountyAll11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalDoniphan CountyState Assessed12/4/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalDouglas CountyAll12/11/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalEdwards CountyAll11/18/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalElk CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalElk CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalEllis CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalEllis CountyPersonal12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalEllsworth CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalEllsworth CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalFinney CountyAll11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalFord CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalFranklin CountyAll11/12/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalGeary CountyAll11/18/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalGove CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalGove CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalGraham CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalGrant CountyAll11/13/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalGray CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalGreeley CountyAll11/8/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalGreenwood CountyAll11/27/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalGreenwood CountyState Assessed12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalHamilton CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalHarper CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalHarvey CountyAll11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalHaskell CountyAll11/14/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalHodgeman CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalJackson CountyAll11/18/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalJefferson CountyAll12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalJefferson CountyState Assessed12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalJewell CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalJohnson CountyAll12/2/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalKearny CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalKingman CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalKingman CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalKiowa CountyAll11/18/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalKiowa CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLabette CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLabette CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLane CountyAll11/26/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLeavenworth CountyAll11/14/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLeavenworth CountyPersonal11/14/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLeavenworth CountyReal11/14/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLeavenworth CountyState Assessed11/14/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLincoln CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLincoln CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLinn CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLinn CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLogan CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLogan CountyState Assessed12/9/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalLyon CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMarion CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMarshall CountyAll11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMcPherson CountyAll11/27/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMcPherson CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMeade CountyAll12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMeade CountyState Assessed12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMiami CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMitchell CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMontgomery CountyAll12/9/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMontgomery CountyState Assessed12/9/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMorris CountyAll12/3/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalMorton CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalNemaha CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalNeosho CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalNeosho CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalNess CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalNorton CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalOsborne CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalOttawa CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalPawnee CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalPhillips CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalPottawatomie CountyAll11/26/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalPratt CountyAll11/20/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalPratt CountyState Assessed12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalRawlins CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalReno CountyAll11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalReno CountyState Assessed11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalRepublic CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalRice CountyPersonal12/4/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalRice CountyReal12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalRice CountyState Assessed12/4/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalRiley CountyAll11/20/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalRooks CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalRush CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalRussell CountyAll11/26/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalSaline CountyAll11/20/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalSaline CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalScott CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalSedgwick CountyAll11/25/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalSeward CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalShawnee CountyAll12/2/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalShawnee CountyState Assessed12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalSheridan CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalSherman CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalSmith CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalStafford CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalStanton CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalStevens CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalSumner CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalSumner CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalThomas CountyAll11/14/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalTrego CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalTrego CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWabaunsee CountyAll12/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWallace CountyAll11/27/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWashington CountyAll11/21/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWashington CountyState Assessed12/6/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWichita CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWichita CountyState Assessed12/9/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWilson CountyAll11/26/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWoodson CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWoodson CountyState Assessed12/5/201912/20/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWyandotte CountyAll11/22/201912/20/2019