Date changes for the state of Maine. Changes are in reverse chronological order, with the latest changes first.

September 15, 2019

Data TypeEntityProperty TypesEst. Mail DateDue Date
Tax Roll – FinalBangor, City ofAll8/15/20199/16/2019
Tax Roll – FinalKennebunk, Town ofAll9/30/2019
Tax Roll – FinalCanton, Town ofAll9/25/201910/1/2019
Tax Roll – FinalGilead, Town ofAll9/16/201910/1/2019
Tax Roll – FinalGreenwood, Town ofAll9/16/201910/1/2019
Tax Roll – FinalJay, Town ofAll8/23/201910/1/2019
Tax Roll – FinalWaite, Town ofAll8/15/201910/1/2019
Tax Roll – FinalActon, Town ofAll8/15/201910/15/2019
Tax Roll – FinalJonesboro, Town ofAll9/15/201910/15/2019
Tax Roll – FinalOtisfield, Town ofAll9/9/201910/15/2019
Tax Roll – FinalPortland, City ofAll9/26/201910/18/2019

September 1, 2019

StateData TypeEntityProperty TypesEst. Mail DateDue Date
MaineTax Roll – FinalActon, Town ofAll8/15/201910/15/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalAlbion, Town ofAll8/15/201912/31/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalAlfred, Town ofAll8/26/201912/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalAppleton, Town ofAll9/23/201912/31/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalArundel, Town ofAll9/10/201912/10/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalBangor, City ofAll8/15/20199/16/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalBelgrade, Town ofAll8/16/201912/31/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalBerwick, Town ofAll9/6/201911/15/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalCanton, Town ofAll9/25/201910/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalCrawford, Town ofAll9/15/201912/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalDayton, Town ofAll8/20/201912/20/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalDennysville, Town ofAll10/1/201912/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalDixfield, Town ofAll8/23/201910/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalGilead, Town ofAll8/23/201910/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalGrand Lake Stream PlantationAll9/15/201912/20/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalGreenwood, Town ofAll8/23/201910/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalHarrington, Town ofAll8/15/201911/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalHollis, Town ofAll9/30/201912/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalJay, Town ofAll8/23/201910/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalJonesboro, Town ofAll9/15/201910/15/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalKennebunk, Town ofAll8/20/201910/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalLubec, Town ofAll9/30/201911/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalLyman, Town ofAll8/19/201912/20/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalMachiasport, Town ofAll9/6/201911/15/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalMarshfield, Town ofAll10/10/201912/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalMilbridge, Town ofAll8/28/201911/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalNewfield, Town ofAll8/20/201912/20/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalOgunquit, Town ofAll9/9/201912/15/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalOtisfield, Town ofAll8/28/201910/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalSanford, City ofAll8/19/201911/15/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalShapleigh, Town ofAll8/15/201911/15/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalSouth Berwick, Town ofAll8/16/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalVanceboro, Town ofAll9/15/201911/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalWaite, Town ofAll8/15/201910/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalWaterboro, Town ofAll8/15/201911/15/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalWhiting, Town ofAll9/15/201911/15/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalWindham, Town ofAll8/20/201910/1/2019
MaineTax Roll – FinalYork, Town ofAll9/15/201911/1/2019