Date changes for the state of North Carolina. Changes are in reverse chronological order, with the latest changes first.

October 1, 2019

Data TypeEntityProperty TypesEst. Mail DateDue Date
Tax Roll – FinalCanton TownReal & Personal9/3/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHaywood CountyReal & Personal9/3/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalLenoir CountyReal & Personal9/3/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMontgomery CountyReal & Personal9/3/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPerquimans CountyReal & Personal9/3/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRocky Mount CityReal & Personal9/3/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalDavie CountyReal & Personal9/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGaston CountyReal & Personal9/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalIndian Trail TownReal & Personal9/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMaggie Valley TownReal & Personal9/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalOld Fort TownReal & Personal9/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalAnson CountyReal & Personal9/9/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBryson City TownReal & Personal9/9/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSpruce Pine TownReal & Personal9/9/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGranite Falls TownReal & Personal9/10/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMonroe CityReal & Personal9/10/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalNew Hanover CountyPersonal9/12/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMadison CountyReal & Personal9/17/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWayne CountyReal & Personal9/17/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCaswell CountyState Assessed9/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalChowan CountyState Assessed9/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGreene CountyState Assessed9/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHickory CityState Assessed9/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalJones CountyState Assessed9/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalOnslow CountyState Assessed9/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPerson CountyState Assessed9/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRandolph CountyState Assessed9/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRichmond CountyState Assessed9/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalTyrrell CountyState Assessed9/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWatauga CountyState Assessed9/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHamlet CityState Assessed9/19/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRockingham CityState Assessed9/19/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalAshe CountyState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBladenboro TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCarteret CountyState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalElkin TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalElon TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalFaison TownReal & Personal9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalLaurinburg CityState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMaxton TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMills River TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMorehead City TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalNorthampton CountyState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPine Bluff TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRaeford CityState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSpring Hope TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSt. Pauls TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalVance CountyState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWaynesville TownReal & Personal9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWeaverville TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWhite Lake TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalYadkinville TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalYoungsville TownState Assessed9/20/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCurrituck CountyReal & Personal9/23/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGrifton TownState Assessed9/23/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalAlexander CountyState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalAutryville TownState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCherokee CountyState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalFoxfire VillageState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGraham CountyState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHoffman TownState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHudson TownState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalLee CountyState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMitchell CountyState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalOld Fort TownState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPamlico CountyState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPasquotank CountyState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRocky Mount CityState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRoseboro TownState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalScotland CountyState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSugar Mountain TownState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalTryon TownState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWashington CountyState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWaxhaw TownState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWilkes CountyState Assessed9/24/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalAlleghany CountyState Assessed9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCanton TownState Assessed9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCleveland CountyState Assessed9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCraven CountyReal & Personal9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalFaison TownState Assessed9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGranite Falls TownState Assessed9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalLincoln CountyState Assessed9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMount Airy CityState Assessed9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPembroke TownState Assessed9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRutherford College TownState Assessed9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRutherford College TownState Assessed9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalUnionville TownState Assessed9/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBladen CountyState Assessed9/26/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBurnsville TownState Assessed9/26/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalDobbins Heights TownState Assessed9/26/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHenderson CountyState Assessed9/26/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSnow Hill TownState Assessed9/26/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalValdese TownState Assessed9/26/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalYancey CountyState Assessed9/26/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBanner Elk TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBolton TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBrunswick TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBurke CountyState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCerro Gordo TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalChadbourn TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalClarkton TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalConcord CityState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalConway TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCurrituck CountyState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalEden CityState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalEllerbe TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalFair Bluff TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalFairview CityState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGibsonville TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGreenevers TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHendersonville CityState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHildebran TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHildebran TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHookerton TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalKenansville TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalLake Waccamaw TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalLaurel Park TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalLenoir CityState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMars Hill TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMebane CityState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMecklenburg CityState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMorganton CityState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMount Holly CityState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPerquimans CountyState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRobbinsville TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRobersonville TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRoper TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSandyfield TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalTabor City TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalTar Heel TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWalnut Creek VillageState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWarsaw TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWhiteville CityState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWilliamston TownState Assessed10/1/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalAndrews TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalAtlantic Beach TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalAvery CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBailey TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBakersville TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBeaufort CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBeulaville TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBiltmore Forest TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBrunswick CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBryson City TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBurlington CityState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCaldwell CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCatawba CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalClyde TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalColumbia TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalColumbus CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCrossnore TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalDare CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalDavie CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalDrexel TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalDublin TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalDuplin CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalEdgecombe CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalFarmville TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalFlat Rock VillageState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalFletcher TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalFranklin CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGates CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGraham CityState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGranville CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHarnett CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHaywood CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHoke CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHot Springs TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHyde CountyReal & Personal10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHyde CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalIndian Trail TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalJohnston CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalJonesville TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalLake Park TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalLenoir CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalLilesville TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalLumberton CityState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMacClesfield TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMadison CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMaggie Valley TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMagnolia TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMarion CityState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMarshall TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMartin CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMcDowell CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMecklenburg CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMonroe CityState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMoore CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalNash CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalNashville TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalNew Hanover CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalNewland TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalNewport TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalNewton Grove TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPender CountyReal & Personal10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPolk CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPollocksville TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRobeson CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRose Hill TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSampson CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSevern TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSpruce Pine TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalStanly CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSurf City TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSwain CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSylva TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalTarboro TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalTeachey TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalTransylvania CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalUnion CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWallace TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWayne CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWaynesville TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWeddington TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWhitakers TownState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalYadkin CountyState Assessed10/4/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalAlamance CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBertie CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalBuncombe CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalClay CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCraven CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCumberland CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalElizabethtown TownState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalFranklin TownState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGaston CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalGuilford CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHertford CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMacon CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMarvin VillageState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalMontgomery CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPender CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPlymouth TownState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRowan CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSalemburg TownState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalStokes CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalTroy TownState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWake CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWarren CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWilkesboro TownState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalWilson CountyState Assessed10/11/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCabarrus CountyState Assessed10/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCamden CountyReal & Personal10/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalCamden CountyState Assessed10/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalChatham CountyState Assessed10/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalDurham CountyState Assessed10/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalHalifax CountyState Assessed10/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalIredell CountyState Assessed10/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalNags Head TownState Assessed10/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalOrange CountyState Assessed10/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalPitt CountyState Assessed10/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRutherford CountyState Assessed10/18/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalAnson CountyState Assessed10/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalDavidson CountyState Assessed10/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalJackson CountyState Assessed10/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalRockingham CountyState Assessed10/25/20191/5/2020
Tax Roll – FinalSurry CountyState Assessed10/31/20191/5/2020

September 1, 2019

StateData TypeEntityProperty TypesEst. Mail DateDue Date
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalAlexander CountyAll8/22/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalAndrews TownAll8/30/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalAnson CountyAll8/30/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalBeaufort CountyAll8/23/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalBiltmore Forest TownAll9/3/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalBladenboro TownAll8/23/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalBryson City TownAll8/26/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalCamden CountyAll9/2/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalCanton TownAll9/9/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalCaswell CountyAll8/22/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalCraven CountyAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalCumberland CountyAll8/15/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalCurrituck CountyAll9/9/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalDavie CountyAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalEdgecombe CountyAll8/16/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalFaison TownAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalFranklin CountyAll8/23/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalGaston CountyAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalGates CountyAll8/26/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalGranite Falls TownAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalGranville CountyAll8/15/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalGrifton TownAll8/23/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalHaywood CountyAll9/13/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalHyde CountyAll9/9/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalIndian Trail TownAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalLenoir CountyAll8/30/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalMadison CountyAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalMaggie Valley TownAll10/7/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalMarvin VillageAll8/22/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalMcDowell CountyAll8/23/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalMonroe CityAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalMontgomery CountyAll9/3/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalNashville TownAll8/15/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalNew Hanover CountyAll8/30/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalNorthampton CountyAll8/21/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalOld Fort TownAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalOrange CountyAll8/27/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalPasquotank CountyAll8/30/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalPender CountyAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalPerquimans CountyAll9/5/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalRobeson CountyAll8/30/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalRocky Mount CityAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalRutherford CountyAll8/26/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalSpruce Pine TownAll9/13/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalSurf City TownAll8/30/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalTarboro TownAll8/21/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalUnion CountyAll8/22/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalUnionville TownAll8/23/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalWarren CountyAll8/22/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalWashington CountyAll8/30/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalWatauga CountyAll8/21/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalWayne CountyAll9/6/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalWaynesville TownAll9/9/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalWeaverville TownAll8/23/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalWeddington TownAll8/19/20191/5/2020
North CarolinaTax Roll – FinalWilson CountyAll8/15/20191/5/2020