Every month, multiple times per month, municipalities around the US update, change, extend, or announce new dates for various commercial property tax requirements. PTX Tech has created a simple, free property tax date change alert subscription service to keep you fully apprised of important recent and upcoming due dates.

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Below you’ll see the most current updates. To add some context, “# of Entities” means the number of counties in that particular state that have announced or changed relevant dates. Click on the state to see the list of entities (counties) announcing dates and changes.

Property tax date changes for August 15, 2019

StateDate Type# of EntitiesDateNotes
ARAssessment Appeal Deadline768/18/2019Statewide Deadline to appeal your assessed value to Board of Equalization
CAUnsecured Tax Bills Due588/31/2019Statewide due date for unsecured tax bills
CAAssessment Appeal Deadline109/16/2019The remaining counties have an appeal deadline of Dec 2nd
GAAssessment Appeal Deadline5Various 8/15 – 8/26The last of GA counties appeal deadlines
TNTax Bills58/31/2019Tennessee City Tax Bills
WVTax Bills559/1/2019Statewide due date for tax bills

Why are we providing this service for free?

This data is available from every municipality in the country, so why are we providing it for free? We know that our customers and future customers rely on this property tax data to make timely, informed decisions about their parcels. From annual staffing to cash flow and acquisition planning, commercial property owners who own parcels in multiple states with different dates and deadlines are responsible for knowing when taxes are due and paying them on time.

So, we make that task easier, no matter how many parcels you own or where in the U.S. they are located. Click here to subscribe to our free property tax date change alert service.

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