12 states have announced upcoming property tax bill due dates. To get the full detail by city and county, sign up for our bi-weekly property tax alerts.

StateDate Type# of EntitiesDateNotes
GeorgiaTax Billsaround 5012/20/2019Some other late mailings due early 2020
KansasTax Billsentire state12/20/2019
LouisianaTax Billsentire state12/31/2019
MaineTax Billsentire state12/31/2019
MissouriTax Billsentire state12/31/2019
New MexicoTax Billsentire state1/10/2020Some exceptions of a week or two later
North CarolinaTax Billsentire state1/6/2020
OklahomaTax Billsentire state12/31/2019
South CarolinaTax Billsentire state1/15/2020
TennesseeTax BillsSome city bills12/31/2019
TexasTax Billsentire state1/31/2020
VirginiaTax BillsAround 30 cities and townsLate December through early January

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While knowing the upcoming due dates is helpful, we’ve developed TaxFeed to provide you with digital versions of your assessments, tax rates, and tax bill details. From manual entry relief to processing appeals and paying bills, you can use the digital data any way that makes sense for your process.

Contact us to see how TaxFeed can make your property tax tasks easier – no matter how many parcels you own. 

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