PTX Property Tax Bills Release Date Alert Oct 1, 2019

In October of 2019, the following states have announced upcoming due dates and deadlines for tax bills. The table below shows the states that have due dates — either appeal deadlines or tax bill due dates — during the month of October, 2019. Click on the state abbreviation to get the full detail by city and county.

StateDate Type# of EntitiesDateNotes
AZTax BillsStatewide10/11/2019
CASecured Tax BillsStatewide9/1-11/4
GATax Bills959/1 – 10/30Various Mailing Dates for Many of the Georgia County & City Bills
ILPreliminary Assessments159/1 – 10/28Various Mailing Dates for 15 Ill Counties assessment notices
ILTax Bills139/1 – 10/21Various Mailing Dates for 13 Ill Counties 2018 Tax bills (paid in 2019)
METax Bills589/6 – 10/15Various Mailing Dates for 50 Maine Towns
NCTax Bills2289/3 – 10/31Various Mailing date for much of the North Carolina County & City\Town bills
ORTax BillsStatewide10/25/2019Statewide Bill Mail date
TXTax Bills539/16 – 12/1353 Texas Collectors have set bill mail dates
WYTax BillsStatewide9/5 – 9/24

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