Coming up for September of 2019, eight states (so far) will be mailing property tax bills. Those states include California, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Each municipality’s dates are different, and more are coming as we gather that data for the month of September.

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What’s Happening? State by State Notes for Which States are Mailing Property Tax Bills

  • In California, Placer County and San Bernardino County have confirmed the dates on which they will mail Secured Property Tax Bills. We expect many other municipalities to confirm in early September. 
  • We expect nearly 100 of Georgia’s 159 counties to mail property tax bills in September. 
  • 11 counties in Illinois are mailing 2018 property tax bills in September
  • Iowa’s tax bills have been mailed already, and the first installment is due by September 30, 2019.

Up to Date Data

Below you’ll see the most current updates. To add some context, “# of Entities” means the number of counties or cities in that particular state that have announced or changed relevant dates. Click on the state to see the list of entities (counties) announcing dates and changes, and that will take you to that state’s detail page, both for this time period and the previous two week period.

StateDate Type# of EntitiesDate(s)Notes
CASecured Property Tax Bills2Various 9/1 – 10/1Two entities have confirmed mail dates; others to follow soon
GAProperty Tax Bills97Various 8/15 – 9/15Many of the Georgia County Tax bills are mailed in August & September
ILProperty Tax Bills11Various 9/1 – 9/30Several Illinois Counties are mailing 2018 Property Tax Bills
IAProperty Tax Bills73Various AugustIowa Tax bills are out, and the first installment payment is due Sept 30th
MEProperty Tax Bills38Various August\SeptemberMaine Town\City Bills are being mailed; see detail for dates
NCProperty Tax Bills56Various August\SeptemberNorth Carolina Property Tax bills are being mailed
TNProperty Tax Bills4SeptemberSome TN city bills are being mailed in September
VAProperty Tax Bills78Various August\SeptemberCity & County bills continue to come out for Virginia

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