PTX is your single source for accurate and timely property tax data

PTX is a property tax data products and services company. We collect property tax data - assessment rolls, tax rolls, tax rates, property record cards, etc. - from across the United States, standardize it, augment it, and provide it electronically to our clients to help improve their property tax processes. We have built a proprietary database to manage and analyze the data we collect and a process to ensure timeliness and accuracy.

We continually receive and process data from assessors and tax collectors nationwide giving us an up-to-the-minute view on property taxes in the US. With this comprehensive set of property tax data we can help our clients:

  • Eliminate manual processing of their property tax bills
  • Quickly decide when to appeal an assessment
  • Produce more accurate tax estimates and budgets
  • Implement or upgrade their property tax software
There is no other place you can go to get the volumes of timely, accurate property tax data we provide.

Our Story

PTX was not formed during a Hollywood-worthy "a-ha" moment. Instead, millions of airline miles, thousands of client visits, and hundreds of software implementations and upgrades led to the founding of PTX. And every trip felt like Groundhog Day. Not because of the Up In the Air-like repetitiveness of the nouveau chic hotels and chain restaurants. But, because of the similarity of problems - and opportunities - at each company visited.

Over time, the problems - and opportunities - coalesced into one word: data. Companies were overpaying for software implementations, wasting too much time keying information into their software, and failing to reap the benefits of the vast amount of property tax data out there. PTX was created to solve these problems.

Starting with property tax data in a few key states, PTX was quickly helping Fortune 100 companies and regional firms alike improve their property tax processes and minimize their liabilities. And, we have grown from there. We cannot help it, property tax and data are our passion. With clients across a range of industries - retail, oil & gas, pipeline, consulting, utility, railroad, etc. - we continue to develop new data-centric methods to enable property tax professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes. Give us a call today or explore our Solutions further to find out how we can help you.

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