PTX's solutions are powered by our proprietary database of up-to-date, accurate property tax data obtained directly from the source - assessor, collector, and taxing jurisdiction records. Though each assessor and collector has their own unique formats, classification codes, and naming conventions, PTX has developed industry-leading processes and tools to rapidly normalize, standardize, augment, and deliver assessment roll and tax roll data as it is released.

Using this extensive database, PTX enables taxpayers to ensure compliance, improve efficiency, and manage tax liabilities by providing taxpayers with timely, accurate, and consistent property tax data for their properties and comparable properties across multiple states and jurisdictions.

PTX's TaxFeedTM provides you with property tax assessments and property tax bills electronically, eliminating the need for manually entering and processing paper notices and bills. TaxFeedTM integrates seamlessly with your current property tax software package; the result is assessments, rates, and bills in your system faster and more accurately, freeing you to focus on tax management and analysis.

PTX's TaxSyncTM matches your property tax records to those of assessors and collectors. TaxSyncTM ensures you are receiving notices and bills for all property you own by validating owner and mailing addresses. And by matching your records to assessor and collector records, TaxSyncTM allows you to augment and verify your existing property tax records with additional attributes and characteristics - legal descriptions, acreage, square feet, classifications, exemptions, etc. - from official records.

PTX's TaxViewTM supplies you with normalized, standardized property tax data sets - tentative assessments, certified assessments, bills, etc. - for one or more jurisdictions to use in analysis, equity comparison, and benchmarking. With TaxViewTM you define the types of properties and attributes of those properties you receive to ensure the data meets your needs.

PTX's Consulting Services leverage the data PTX has collected to help improve your property tax processes and enable you to proactively manage your property tax liabilities. PTX assists companies in implementing new property tax software, enhancing data within existing systems, improving reporting to meet new management and regulatory requirements, and benchmarking against peers. The property tax cycle is data-intensive; PTX's Consulting Services ensure you have the correct data when and where you need it and the tools to fully utilize the data.

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