Cut your property tax processing time in half - spend less time entering data and more time analyzing data

It's simple, really. Provide us with a listing of your current parcels. As assessments, property tax rates, and property tax bills are released, you will receive your assessments, tax rates, and tax bill details electronically - in a format that works for you and your current process. No more typing assessment and tax bill details into your software. No more hunting down missing assessment notices and tax bills. No more keying errors. Instead, all of the information you need to process your assessments and tax bills is imported into your system, ready for you to analyze and pay.

Even better, couple TaxFeedTM with our TaxSyncTM service to ensure your parcel listing is complete and remains that way going forward. Not only will you receive assessments, tax rates, and tax bills for all of your properties, you will also be notified when new properties containing your owner names or addresses appear and when existing properties are removed. Watch the video to see how it works:


Proactively Manage Your Property Tax Liability
To effectively manage your property taxes you need accurate, timely data. And, given statutory deadlines for appeals and payments, the more quickly you have your assessments and bills, the better you can manage them. TaxFeed ensures you have your assessments, tax rates, and bills in your system quickly so you can spend more time analyzing assessed values, updating budgets, and validating tax bills.

Boost Efficiency and Productivity
A significant amount of time in a property tax department is spent managing paper that is constantly coming in the mail - opening envelopes, routing assessment notices and tax bills for processing, and finally, typing information off the paper into a property tax management system. More time is spent tracking down the bills and notices that get lost in the mail. TaxFeed substantially cuts your processing time by eliminating data entry and associated tasks and by providing complete sets of assessments and bills at one time. Not only can the time you save be focused on analysis, tax liability management, and other strategic initiatives, but you will have the data to support these activities early in your process.

Ensure Data Quality
With property tax assessments and bills coming from various assessors and collectors across the United States and with multiple people inputting property tax information over time, data inconsistency is a real problem. And, your analysis and ability to respond to inquiries from other departments is only as good as your data. By delivering normalized, standardized data from across the United States, TaxFeed provides you with accurate data you can depend on. And, by providing the data in an automated manner, TaxFeed delivers you more detailed data than you would otherwise enjoy, enabling you to see your property taxes in a different light.

Strengthen Financial Control
Property taxes are a substantial liability for many companies, and that liability constantly changes throughout the year. At the onset of a property tax cycle both the assessment and tax rates are unknown. As the cycle progresses, those values move through multiple iterations before being finalized. TaxFeed provides you with assessed values - tentative as well as final - and with tax rates as soon as they are adopted, allowing you to better predict tax liabilities and update your budgets and accruals accordingly. Earlier information means less surprises later in the year.

Reduce Risk of Missed Payments and Penalties
Property taxes are due even if you do not receive a copy of the bill. And, many companies have multiple locations to which a bill could be sent. Receiving the data electronically from assessor's and collector's files means you will receive records of all bills you owe - even those that you do not receive in the mail. You no longer spend time tracking down missing paper bills or, worse, spend money on penalties for late payments.

Unlock the Full Value of Your Software Investment
Software systems depend on data. Software is written with the expectation that the data in the software system will be complete, accurate, and sufficiently detailed. Often, the reality is short of that standard. But the quantity and quality of data delivered through TaxFeed, along with PTX's knowledge of the best ways to store that data in each software package, enables you to finally realize the full value of the property tax management software in which you have invested time and money. With TaxFeed a universe of new reports, comparisons, analytics, and what-ifs suddenly becomes available to you.

Build a Deeper Understanding of Your Property Taxes
There are many dimensions to property taxes beyond just the amount of tax paid. Knowing all aspects of your property taxes allows you to better manage the tax liability and enhances your internal and external credibility when discussing your taxes. With TaxFeed you can quickly answer questions like "How much tax do we pay to a given jurisdiction?", "What part of our tax increase can be attributed to an increase in assessed value and what part to an increase in rates?", and "How did our assessed value change throughout the property tax cycle?".

Improve Your Quality of Life
Property tax departments are increasingly asked to do more with less. Eliminating vast amounts of data entry not only helps you operate successfully in this constrained environment, it allows everyone in the property tax department to spend more time on the property tax work they enjoy. We would all love to have more time to spend working on personally rewarding strategic initiatives that benefit our department and company, but often our "day job" gets in the way. TaxFeed gives you your time back.

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  • Reliably Accurate. Our property tax data comes directly from the source - the assessors and collectors who generate it.

  • Timely. We receive the data as it is released by assessors and collectors. Our proprietary data collection and management processes mean there is very little time between when we receive the data and when you get it.

  • Comprehensive. Over 100 different fields for you to choose from: values, exemptions, tax rates, taxes due, jurisdictions, property classifications, use codes, land and improvement characteristics, location details, descriptions. TaxFeed provides vastly more data than is available on your standard assessment notice or tax bill.
  • Standardized. We convert and maintain the various data formats we receive into a single, normalized database. We do all of the interpretation, classification, and mapping so you get one consistent set of data for all your properties no matter the state, assessor, or collector.

  • Detailed. Assessed and taxable values by property type (i.e., land, improvement, personal, mineral, etc), specific exemptions received, tax amounts by taxing jurisdiction, etc.

  • Flexible Formatting. Delivered in the format that works for you - Text, CSV, XML, JSON, Excel, Access - with only the data you want in the order you want it.
  • Works With Your Software. TaxFeed works with all the leading commercial property tax software packages on the market using standard import tools available in the software. TaxFeed also works with in-house or proprietary software, as well as for those managing property taxes in Excel or Access. We provide you TaxFeed data in a format you can directly import into your software, specific to your setup - no need for data manipulation or programming on your end.

  • Fully supported. TaxFeed is backed by PTX's support team, ensuring that you can quickly and easily get TaxFeed data into your property tax systems.

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