Improve your property tax data quality - accurately analyze and manage your property tax value and liability

Sometimes you have complete detailed attributes for your properties; sometimes the assessor or collector has better attributes. That should not be the case. We will match your parcel records to the assessor and collector parcel records and provide you with comprehensive attributes and characteristics for all of your parcels. And, we will proactively monitor assessment and tax rolls for new parcels appearing with your owner name or mailing address and alert you so you never miss a payment.

Pairing TaxSyncTM with PTX's TaxFeedTM service ensures your property characteristics remain up-to-date. In addition, TaxFeedTM provides you with assessments, tax rates, and tax bills for all of your properties as they are released. Take a look at the video below to see how the process works:


Ensure Data Quality
With property tax notices coming from various assessors and collectors across the United States and with multiple people inputting property tax information over time, data inconsistency is a real problem. And, your analysis and ability to respond to inquiries from other departments is only as good as your data. By delivering normalized, standardized data from across the United States, TaxSync provides you with accurate data you can depend on. And, by providing the data in an automated manner, TaxSync delivers you more detailed data than you would otherwise enjoy, enabling you to see your property taxes in a different light.

Reduce Risk of Missed Payments and Penalties
Property taxes are due even if you do not receive a copy of the bill. And, many companies have multiple locations to which a bill could be sent. Syncing your data with data from the assessor's and collector's files means you will know if there are properties you are missing for which you are responsible for the taxes - even those that you have not received in the mail. You no longer spend time tracking down missing paper bills or, worse, spend money on penalties for late payments.

Unlock the Full Value of Your Software Investment
Software systems depend on data. Software is written with the expectation that the data in the software system will be complete, accurate, and sufficiently detailed. Often, the reality is short of that standard. But, the quantity and quality of data delivered through TaxSync, along with PTX's knowledge of the best ways to store that data in each software package, enables you to finally realize the full value of the property tax management software in which you have invested time and money. With TaxSync a universe of new reports, comparisons, analytics, and what-ifs suddenly becomes available to you.

Build a Deeper Understanding of Your Property Taxes
There are many dimensions to property taxes beyond just the amount of tax paid. Knowing all aspects of your property taxes allows you to better manage the tax liability and enhances your internal and external credibility when discussing your taxes. With characteristics from TaxSync you can quickly answer questions like "What is our value per acre or value per square foot and how is it changing over time?", "Is the assessor using the correct quality, condition, or size characteristics for our property?", and "What metrics are best to use when deciding on values to challenge?".

Improvement in
Data Completeness
and Quality


  • Comprehensive. Over 100 different fields for you to choose from: values, exemptions, tax rates, taxes due, jurisdictions, property classifications, use codes, land and improvement characteristics, location details, descriptions. TaxSync provides vastly more data than is available on your standard assessment notice or tax bill.

  • Reliably Accurate. Our property tax data comes directly from the source - the assessors and collectors who generate it.

  • Timely. We receive the data as it is released by assessors and collectors. Our proprietary data collection and management processes mean there is very little time between when we receive the data and when you get it.
  • Proactive monitoring. Our proprietary algorithms search assessment and tax rolls to identify new parcels you might be missing.

  • Standardized. We convert and maintain the various data formats we receive into a single, normalized database. We do all of the interpretation, classification, and mapping so you get one consistent set of data for all your properties no matter the state, assessor, or collector.

  • Flexible Formatting. Delivered in the format that works for you - Text, CSV, XML, JSON, Excel, Access - with only the data you want in the order you want it.
  • Works With Your Software. TaxSync works with all the leading commercial property tax software packages on the market using standard import tools available in the software. TaxSync also works with in-house or proprietary software, as well as those managing property taxes in Excel or Access. We provide you TaxSync data in a format you can directly import into your software, specific to your setup - no need for data manipulation or programming on your end.

  • Fully supported. TaxSync is backed by PTX's support team, ensuring that you can quickly and easily get TaxSync data into your property tax systems.

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