Minimize your property tax liability - confidently compare similar properties and quickly resolve overassessments

Accurate, up-to-date information on comparable properties is essential to minimizing your property tax liabilities. Throughout the property tax cycle - from the minute notices are mailed through final certification - we compile, supplement, and deliver full property information to you. You pick the properties you want to see - properties for a company or group of companies, properties of a certain type or size, properties in a given neighborhood or market area, or properties having numerous other combinations of characteristics - and we provide the latest property tax data to you. The data is immediately available for you to utilize in finding properties for appeal, building your case for appeal, benchmarking your portfolio against competitors, and finding prospects for your property tax related services.

Whether you are preparing equity comps, benchmarking to competitors, evaluating an acquisition, or marketing your services, TaxViewTM provides the data and tools you need to be successful. Goodbye, guesswork. Hello, confidence.


Minimize Your Property Tax Liability
When analyzing your property tax liabilities you first must answer the question, "Is my property valued fairly?" TaxView answers this question by enabling you to quickly find and compare similar properties along metrics like value per square foot and value per acre. Augment your searches by limiting to certain property uses, construction classes, quality and condition codes, neighborhoods, etc. Once you determine that a property is overvalued, use the up-to-date values from TaxView to prepare an equity analysis to help with your appeal.

Quickly Find the Comps You Need
Comparing your property values to the values of other similar properties is a difficult task - not all properties are available online, search tools are incomplete and hard to use, key property characteristics are hidden, different assessors use different classification systems, etc. TaxView eliminates the roadblocks that make equity comparisons so laborious. All of the data you need - across all jurisdictions - is in one system, in one standardized format, with one set of comprehensive tools for searching, filtering, and analyzing.

Build a Deeper Understanding of Your Property Taxes
There are many dimensions to property taxes beyond just the amount of tax paid. Knowing how your property compares to other similar properties enables you to better manage your tax liability and enhances your internal and external credibility when discussing your taxes. With full property information from TaxView you can quickly answer questions like "What is the value per acre or value per square foot of similar properties?", "Is the assessor using the correct quality, condition, or size characteristics for our property when compared to other nearby properties?", and "How well are similar companies managing their property tax liabilities?".

Successfully Market
Use up-to-date property tax characteristics, values, and liabilities to identify prospects, target your message, and demonstrate the value you can provide clients. If you are beginning a marketing campaign, TaxView data can provide you with the companies to contact that meet the marketing criteria you have established. If you are meeting with a prospect, TaxView data will show you the prospect's properties, values, liabilities, and current agent (if any), allowing you to confidently demonstrate the value your services can provide the prospect. And, for your existing customers, TaxView data can be used to highlight your performance.



  • Comprehensive. Over 100 different fields for you to choose from: values, exemptions, property classifications, use codes, land and improvement characteristics, location details, tax rates, taxes due, jurisdictions, descriptions, agents, and more.

  • Reliably Accurate. Our property tax data comes directly from the source - the assessors and collectors who generate it.

  • Timely. We receive the data as it is released by assessors and collectors. Our proprietary data collection and management processes mean there is very little time between when we receive the data and when you get it.
  • Standardized. We convert and maintain the various data formats we receive into a single, normalized database. We do all of the interpretation, classification, and mapping so you get one consistent set of data for all your properties no matter the state, assessor, or collector.

  • Flexible Formatting. Delivered in the format that works for you - Access, Excel, CSV, Text - with only the data you want in the order you want it.

  • Fully supported. TaxView data is backed by PTX's support team, ensuring that you can quickly and easily get TaxView data to work for you.
  • Detailed. Assessed and taxable values by property type (i.e., land, improvement, personal, mineral, etc), specific exemptions received, tax amounts by taxing jursidcition, etc.

  • Continually Updated. We start with the noticed values and update our data continually throughout the property tax cycle - as values are settled informally, as appeals are resolved, and as values are certified. We update constantly so you will always have the latest information on which to base your decisions.

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